How did we pick the best pouch underwear brands?

With over 30,000 visitors, we often get asked, what is the best pouch underwear?  And it really does boil down to 3 factors, including your style preferred, how cheap of a pair you want and what size of pouch, you (really) need. 

To help you quickly shop the best pouch underwear, we created this page and include a few quick links, which you can always access through the main navigation, to shop the brand’s entire selection of mens underwear for sale.

Top 3 best pouch underwear brands 

Many of our visitors like to go straight to their preferred brand, which helped us pick the best brands to include in our list.

Price Tip: The best pouch underwear does not have to cost over $20 a pair?

We found that when you purchase a pair of pouch underwear for the first time, you might be thinking that only expensive men’s underwear will be comfortable. Our favorite brands, actually offer many styles under $20, shop the samples below, then shop the entire pouch underwear selection.

How much is a pair of pouch underwear?

For under $20, we found that the Andrew Christian, Obviously and Saxx brands could found, and included all of their other styles in our 100% online, mens underwear store.

Where can I buy pouch underwear on sale?

Here! Of course! Pouch underwear is hot this year, and when they go on sale, they sell fast. We offer access to multiple online sellers, who change prices every hour. Below are a few pairs that are recently on sale, make sure you click through to check today’s availability for sale prices, also many other prints available.

Is pouch underwear comfortable?

Yes, pouch underwear is the most comfortable style of underwear, when working out.  No matter if you are practicing yoga, working out or simply running through the streets.  These are great for under any pair of shorts, and not to mention jeans and khakis.

What is the best brand of pouch underwear for 2018?

The verdict is in, and SAXX has won our vote for best men’s pouch underwear for 2018.  Shop the entire Saxx brand, and keep reading to find out why our guys love Saxx.

Saxx Men’s Underwear Has a Secret

We don’t know if they have a patent or anything, but Saxx has a secret! The pouch is different than any other brand we tried on! The guys over at Saxx made a little lining inside that keeps your junk, all in the pouch area.

Go ahead an click to see more photos, it is really amazing, and comfortable. Worth trying, in our opinion!