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Shopping for Sexy Mens Underwear?

With over 30,000 visitors, we often get asked, what is the sexiest mens underwear brand?  And it really does boil down to 3 factors, including your activity, how cheap of a pair you want and what size, you need. 

To help you quickly shop the sexiest underwear for men, we created this page and include a few quick links, which you can always access through the main navigation.


Price Tip For Men’s Underwear: Does the sexiest mens underwear brand have to cost over $20 a pair?

To answer this question, we have challenged our own group of guys, and you might be surprised at the consensus. The more expensive underwear, does tend to offer our guys more comfort, primarily in the feel of the material, and the fit of the fabric, but the cheap underwear category, can also include the expensive mens underwear on sale.

Underwear Brand Tip: Sexy Men’s Underwear?

We have included multiple brands in our superstore, and recommend that you read the real customer reviews, as we can only test the brands, with our own body styles, which may not have all the same sized assets, that you may need to think about.

We picked these brands of sexy mens underwear, to feature, and also love the underwear brands highlighted below, for different reasons, and different activities.

Obviously Underwear

We included the Obviously underwear for men, in our list.This brand is great for athletes, as it fits great and has a pouch, obviously.

See Obviously

Saxx Underwear

Saxx underwear, has a pouch, dries quick and really keeps your boys, in place. They have a unique system, to keep the boys in the pouch, check out the reviews.

See Saxx

Andrew Christian Undies

Andrew Christian underwear, is our pick for sexy mens underwear to workout, run, dance during your weekend party. The pouch is amazing, and soft.

See Andrew Christian

Mens Sexy Underwear Brands are Hot

Now that you passed on shopping cheap underwear brand, and the best mens underwear brands for your activity level; we have one more LARGE consideration for you to think about — YOUR POUCH SIZE.

The latest sexy feature, trending, is the new POUCH UNDERWEAR. 

We had our guys try on, some of the most popular pairs of pouch underwear, and 100% of our guys loved every minute in these, no matter their size.

BIG SCROTUM guys love the extra space, and our LITTLE SHAFTED guys enjoy the conforming support without giving up the comfort.  

SAXX UNDERWEAR, sexy, yet has amazing athletic style

One of the sexiest mens underwear, this year, is coming from the Saxx brand. We love the style, the reviews, the athletic appeal, and the unique pouch that keeps you in place, without being too tight. SHOP THESE STYLES, then shop all Saxx Underwear For Sale.

Mens Underwear History of Influence

A little men’s underwear style history: Men’s boxers are designed to simply keep a soft piece of cloth between your penis, and rough jeans or zipper.  No support, no moisture wicking, and not expensive.

Then came the infamous, TIGHTY WHITIES. Plain material, not much support and cheap. These are not in our list for sexy men’s underwear, but you should have these to compare.

Tighty Whites! Seriously? Ok.

If you came to this page, we have to give some credit to the best tighty whities, which older guys still love today. IT’S TRUE!

Our younger guys, still find tighty whitey underwear to not provide the moisture wicking, that today’s materials provide and choose trunks or boxer briefs. 

However, if you must buy a pair of tighty whites, we recommend Hanes or Fruit of the Loom (you probably already knew that answer).

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Evolution To The Boxer Brief

Guys in their 30s seem to love the boxer brief, and our 40 year olds agree.  If you are in this age group, we hope that you keep reading, and try the even newer styles.

Boxer briefs improved support, and comfort.  With improved moisture wicking materials, the boxer brief CRUSHED the tighty whities in sales. If you are looking for a nice change from a boxer to a brief, we recommend trying the longer boxer brief.

Boxer Briefs Are So 1990, Yet So Comfy in 2018.

We still love the boxer brief for what it is, and guys of all sizes can find a pair, however if you are a little larger than the average guy, you might find your boys tickling the side of your leg, after a break-in period.

Keep reading, and we have a new solution, recommended for you. 

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Sexy Pouch Underwear For Those, Who Like Style & Support

If older guys can learning anything from you young folks is that you know what’s hot for mens underwear.

Style and comfort, yet great for working out, our guys agree that pouch underwear is the great invention since the boxer brief. 

Sexy Brands For Mens Underwear, Editors’ Choice Winners for Sexy Mens Underwear

We tested, we tried these on, and we all love these brands.  These brands DO NOT pay us, and we have not relationship, just a passion to share these 3 sexy brands of hot mens underwear.