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Men’s boxer briefs for the everyday guy or athlete

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Men's boxer briefs vs briefs

Men's boxer briefs are our most popular searched style of mens underwear that has a little more coverage than a brief and trunk, yet keeps your junk well supported and protected from chaffing.

Pros for men's boxer briefs

The boxer brief style, is much more loose than other styles of underwear, and unlike the boxer brief, the boxer does not tighten around the thigh muscles. There is also much more material in the butt, and will not be tight against the skin. This makes the boxer perfect for guys who do not wear tight fitting pants or jeans or who may like to lounge around without much support. Jump to: boxer briefs with a pouch for the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs for athletes

Cons for mens boxer briefs

Boxer briefs that don't ride up is a challenge for many guys. Which is why we love the latest boxer briefs with a pouch to help guys of every size during their run or under their fitted pants. Some guys like the tight feel around their thighs, while others many prefer a trunk style vs the boxer brief.