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Jockstraps are back! Thought you would never hear that, and we can’t believe we are saying it. The amount of searches we receive, is amazing, so go ahead and try a pair of these on and feel a little daring when wearing them next Friday….we dare you.

Fashion Jockstraps

Jockstraps are still around, and not the same as those with the 3 inch waistband of the 19XXs gym class. Today's jockstraps are modern and somewhat fashionable, yet popular for feeling a little daring, as your ass is not covered, yet the sensitive parts are protected.

Jockstraps brands

Our guys have done their best to pull the best jockstrap brands together in the list above and hope you can find a pair that support your needs.

What is a jockstrap?

Prior to 1995, guys did not have the choice to wear boxer briefs or trunks, so they had to ensure that the goods were supported high and tight. What to know what happened to the jockstrap? Check this article out on


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