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Men's trunks underwear vs boxer briefs

Men's trunks typically have the same fabric as boxer briefs and are quickly becoming our most actively searched style of mens underwear. The trunk underwear cut is basically the boxer brief, cut a little higher on the leg and with a more square cut; however have more length than your standard brief. The trunk can have a fly, or not, depending on the brand you select.

Underwear trunks vs briefs

Men's trunk underwear is a hybrid between the standard brief and the boxer brief. The trunk is relatively new style, and has quickly become a hit for athletes who like the support of a boxer brief, but not the length and extra fabric (which can be hot during a workout). This style offers a more modern look and plenty of color choices for the guy who has always worn a brief.

Mens underwear trunks vs boxers

Trunks vs boxers? This is easy answer. These two underwear styles are both very different and have different pros and cons. The boxer is loose fitting and does not offer much support, yet will protect the most sensitive parts from rubbing against zippers and jeans. The trunk, is a much more snug fit that offers support and protection from chaffing. Depending on your activity, we recommend both. Boxers for chilling, and days you want to feel free while trunks for working out, running and during times you don't want to be flopping all over.


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